Saturday, March 13, 2010

Come see me and Cookies new blog: I will be recording all that we learn through time and experience as well as the fun things we do. By the way I ended up buying Cookie and am loving her. 

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I got my permit during the Christmas break. When I drive with my mom she is always freaking out. She will start yelling "Not over 60. Slow down." She also reminds me that there are people two blocks down and did I see them. My dad on the other hand isn't to worried and just lets me drive. I have started drivers ed, it is soooo boring, the guy just talks and talks but my mom says that I have to take it. Hopefully it will not be to bad...


My Grandparents went and looked at Cookie on Wednesday. They called after they were done and told me all about her. I heard great things about her and they really liked her, so I have decided to buy her. She will hopefully be here on Friday. The lady who is bringing her up(Amber) has offered to help me get used to her. I am very excited and cannot wait. It is almost like Christmas again, more like my birthday because she is what I got for my Birthday!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shes a Mytee Fancy Cookie

This is the horse that I am looking at I will probably know by the end of the week if I am going to buy her. My grandma and Grandpa are going up to look at her on Wednesday,(Thanks Grandma) as she is in Idaho. She is a registered paint, that has a lot of experience. She is eight years old. If we buy her I think that I will be doing the Equestrian Team with her.

Monday, November 30, 2009

All Crafted Out

So I guess this weekend I was feeling REALLY crafty...

This is one of the squares in my quilt. They will all be the same block pattern, but there are a lot of different colors.

My bag, I am going to try to make!!! Maybe my new room colors!!

I am making a new skirt. I hope it turns out.

I am learning how to quilt, this will be my second one!! The other one isn't quite finished yet. These are the prints I am using for #2.

These are the different block patterns in the quilt. The pattern is called "crazy 8s".

Block #1
I hope I finish them all!!! I have a problem with finishing projects I start.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

pictures from the last 5 months

Samuel and our REALLY cute puppy, Chloe, everybody thought that she was a labordoodle.
We went camping at the beach and took the horses and the dogs.

One of the things we love to get at the fair is the soft serve ice cream from the dairy wives. We love it and had many at the fair.

Most of my class mates and I have been at V.P. since kindergarten so it is a big deal when we graduate. I had a great 9 years at v.p. and have a lot of GREAT memories. What do you expect when that is your second home(other than the church building!!!) Anyway this is Graduation night.

Graduation night- after we graduated everybody wanted pictures, so by the end of the night I was tired of people taking pics, and hearing people say "smile for the camera" or "Megan, I want a picture." On an academic note I was valedictorian so I had to speak, I also won the won the geo school bee and took a test and got to go to state.

Me and My AWESOME teacher, Miss Lierman.

Me and the BEST teacher in the world, Miss Megan Lierman!!!!!!!

Me and Ivy

Me and Katie, happy graduates

Lauren, Shelby, Me, Katie, Briana

This is what happens on a nice spring/summer day when I have nothing to do........

These are a few pics of friends(these were taken last school year)....

Alexa, Lydi, and Shelby

Emma May and Bree

Ivy, Lydi, and Me

So this is the Victor Point Graduating class of 2009!!!!!! There was 11 of us. Anyway we took a bunch of pictures and then put them on a mug for our teacher. It turned out really cute.
Me, Katie, Briana, Patrick, Kyle, Lydi, Ivy, Shelby, Lauren, Chris, and Joe

This is my crazy "Blondie" friend, Katie. She is awesome.

I will post more soon. (I hope!!!) No I think that I really will.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Flynt, I will post pictures this week I just need to get them on the computer. I haven't forgotten i promise.